Welcome to WDL-AID’s documentation!

Generate documentation for the inputs and outputs of WDL workflows, based on the parameter_meta information defined in the WDL file.

WLD-AID is developed by the Sequencing Analysis Support Core at the Leiden University Medical Center.

Quick start


WDL-AID can be installed using:

pip install wdl-aid

Basic usage

Running WDL-AID requires the following steps:

  1. Add parameter_meta sections to your tasks and workflows. These should be objects containing both a description and category:

    parameter_meta {
        input_name: {
            description: "A description of what value should be provided and is what it is used for.",
            category: "required"

    For inputs the available categories in the default template are:

    • required

    • common

    • advanced

    • other

    Required inputs are automatically detected and their noted category will be overwritten with required.

    For outputs the default template will ignore the categories and simply list all categories under one header.

  2. Once installed, WDL-AID can be run using the following command:

    wdl-aid <workflow.wdl> -o docs.md

    This will generate the file docs.md, containing the generated documentation.

Reporting bugs and feature requests

Please report any bugs, issues or pull requests on the github issue tracker.