Welcome to WDL-AID’s documentation!

Generate documentation for the inputs of WDL workflows, based on the parameter_meta information defined in the WDL file.

WLD-AID is developed by the Sequencing Analysis Support Core at the Leiden University Medical Center.

Quick start


WDL-AID can be installed using:

pip install wdl-aid

Basic usage

Running WDL-AID requires the following steps:

  1. Add parameter_meta sections to you tasks and workflows. These should be objects containing both a description and category:

    parameter_meta {
        input_name: {
            description: "A description of what value should be provided and is what it is used for.",
            category: "required"

    The available categories in the default template are:

    • required

    • common

    • advanced

    • other

    Required inputs are automatically detected and their noted category will be overwritten with required.

  2. Once installed, WDL-AID can be run using the following command:

    wdl-aid <workflow.wdl> -o docs.md

    This will generate the file docs.md, containing the generated documentation.

Reporting bugs and feature requests

Please report any bugs, issues or pull requests on the github issue tracker.